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The Eglesfield Musical Society was founded in the nineteenth century as a choral and orchestral society presenting regular concerts in the University of Oxford. Based at The Queen’s College, the Society continues to promote a regular recital series and special events (including musical theatre), both of which involve performers from across the University. It maintains a chorus and orchestra, which are student-conducted. The Society’s concerts – including the Saturday lunchtime recital series and evening concerts by the orchestra and/or chorus and by other University groups – are open to all members of the University and to the public.

This copy of the Constitution is valid of 03/03/2017 and further versions should indicate the date of alteration.

The day-to-day running of the Society is the responsibility of the Committee, which meets regularly during term-time.



Section 1: Aims

1. The aim of the Eglesfield Musical Society (hereinafter called ‘the Club’) shall be to encourage and promote the enjoyment and performance of music both in The Queen’s College and within the University as a whole for the benefit of members of the University and public.

2. All members of the Club are equal under the Constitution. Members have rights to freedom of association, correspondence, movement, expression, speech, and worship without prejudice due to disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation by other members.


Section 2: Compliance

1. The Club shall be administered in accordance with the University’s Regulations for the Activities and Conduct of Student Members.

2. No member of the Club shall participate in any activity overseas organised by the Club, whether during term time or vacation, unless the plans for such activity have been notified at least one calendar month in advance of the date of departure from the United Kingdom to the University Marshal. Each member participating in such activities overseas shall observe any conditions imposed by the Proctors on the recommendation of the University Marshal, e.g. relating to the deposit of contact addresses, fulfilment of health, safety and insurance requirements, and stipulation of Senior Members to accompany the trip.

3. The activities of the Club will at all times be conducted in accordance with the following university procedures, policies and codes of practice in force from time to time, on equality, harassment, freedom of speech and safeguarding.

4. The Club shall maintain a dedicated website and shall supply details of its web address to the Proctors for listing on the University’s clubs and societies webpage. Where relevant facilities are allocated by Oxford University IT Services it is the responsibility of the Club:

4.1 to designate a member of the Club entitled to a University email account (as defined by Oxford University IT Services) to act as its IT Officer, whose duties shall include liaising with Oxford University IT Services about the use of facilities allocated and passing on to his or her successor in office all records relating to the use of the facilities allocated;
4.2 to designate one of its members (who may be, but need not necessarily be, the same as its IT Officer) or, exceptionally, a member of Congregation to act as its principal Webmaster, whose duties shall include maintaining an awareness of the University guidelines on web information and coordinating and regulating access to the web facilities used by the Club;
4.3 to comply with regulations and guidelines relating to the use of IT facilities published by Oxford University IT Services;
4.4 to ensure that everyone responsible under (i)-(iii) is competent to deal with the requirements, where necessary undertaking training under the guidance of IT Services.


Section 3: Membership

1. All student members of the University, and all persons whose names are on the University’s Register of Visiting Students, shall be eligible to become members of the Club. A member shall continue to be eligible until he or she is given permission to supplicate for his or her degree, diploma, or certificate, regardless of whether or not he or she continues to be liable to pay fees to the University.

2. The Committee may also, at its discretion, admit to membership:

2.1 Students registered to read for diplomas and certificates in the University;
2.2 Student members of Permanent Private Halls who are not student members of the University;
2.3 Members of Ruskin College, and Ripon College, Cuddesdon;
2.4 Members of Oxford Brookes University provided that such members shall not constitute more than 20% of the total membership;
2.5 Other persons not falling within Section 3(1) or Section 3 (2.1-2.5), provided that such members shall not constitute more than 20% of the total membership.

3. The Secretary shall maintain a register of members, and shall make this register available for inspection by the Proctors on request.

4. The Committee, having consulted with the Senior Member in relation to the relevant matter, may remove a person from membership if removal of such person from membership is deemed to be in the best interests of the Club. The person concerned may appeal against such removal to the Proctors.


Section 4: The Committee

1. The Club shall be administered by a Committee, consisting of not more than eleven persons (as defined in Section 5 (1)) which shall have ultimate responsibility for the activities of the Club.

2. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members.

3. Newly elected Committee members will assume office on the Sunday of 9th week of the Trinity Term following their election and will serve until that day the following year.

4. The Secretary will notify the Proctors by the end of the second week of each Full Term the names of the members of the Committee.


Section 5: Officers

1. The Principal Officers of the Club shall be the President, Secretary, Senior Member, and Treasurer. Other than that of Senior Member (who shall be a member of Congregation), these positions shall be filled by student members of the University.

2. Other Committee officers shall include the Publicity Officer, the Recitals and Concerts Manager(s), the Webmaster, the Librarian, the MCR Representative and the First Year Undergraduate Representative. These positions shall be filled by student members of the University.

3. The JCR Arts Representative, and the directors of the Club’s ensembles shall ex officio be entitled to attend, and vote at, committee meetings.

4. Any member of the Committee may resign from office or the Committee by giving written notice to the President. The President may resign by giving such notice to the Secretary. If the President resigns, the Secretary (or if they decline, the Treasurer) shall be invited to act as temporary President, until a new President is elected by the Committee.

5. Any person who ceases to be a member of the University shall cease to be a Committee member.

6. If three or more members of the Committee, one of whom must be a Principal Officer, believe that another member of the Committee is not fulfilling their role satisfactorily, they must present their reasons and any evidence to the most senior Principal Officer of the Committee who is not the accused. This officer must then organise an anonymous vote excluding the accused on whether to ask the latter to step down from their position. The accused shall have the opportunity to present a defending statement to the rest of the Committee, after which all members of the Committee except the accused shall vote anonymously on whether to remove them from their post. Three quarters of the voters must vote in favour of removal in order for the vote to pass.

7. If during the period between the annual elections to offices any vacancies occur amongst the Officers of the Club, the Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy or vacancies up to the next Annual General Meeting by co-opting.

8. The Secretary will notify the Proctors immediately of any changes in holders of the offices of President, Senior Member, Secretary, and Treasurer.

9. Each Officer must, on relinquishing office, promptly hand to their successor in office (or to another member of the Club nominated by the Committee) all relevant official documents and records belonging to the Club.

Section 6: Meetings


1. Committee Meetings

1.1 The Committee shall meet as often as it may deem necessary, but at least twice during each full term.
1.2 The quorum for a Committee meeting shall be four, of whom one must be the President, Senior Member, Secretary, or Treasurer.
1.3 The President shall publish an agenda in anticipation of each Committee meeting. The first agenda of each term should include agreement of the current or forthcoming term’s major concert(s), the Treasurer’s report, and agreement of any future major items of expenditure,
1.4 Committee meetings may be called by the President of the Club, and shall be chaired by the most senior principal officer from the junior members of the College present.
1.5 All members of the Committee shall have one vote at Committee meetings, except in the case of an even split vote, in which case the chairperson shall have an additional casting vote.
1.6 Final decisions shall be made by a simple majority vote, in the event that no consensus can be reached.
1.7 Any Principal Officer may invite all members of the Club to any committee meeting, except in the case that confidential information (as decided upon by the chairperson) is being discussed.
1.8 Reports will be received from outgoing Principal Officers in the final Committee meeting of the year, including those concerning finances of the Club.

2. There shall be an Annual General Meeting for all the members of the Club each Hilary Term, convened by the Secretary or the chairperson at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting. Minutes of all Annual General Meetings shall be kept by the Secretary. Both the minutes book and accounts shall be available for inspection by any member at the Annual General Meeting.

2.1 All members of the Club are eligible to attend the Annual General Meeting, and non-members may attend with the permission of the chairperson.
2.2 The Annual General Meeting will:
2.2.1 Consider any constitutional amendments raised by any member of the Committee, in accordance with the procedure for doing so set out in section 10(1);
2.2.2 Elect members of the Committee in accordance with the regulations for such election;
2.2.3 Consider any motions of which due notice has been given, and any other relevant business.

3 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called in any full term by any Principal Officer, on not less than seven days’ notice; or on a written requisition by seven or more members, stating the reason for which the meeting is to be called, and delivered to the Secretary not less than fourteen days before the date of the Meeting.

4 Prior to all General Meetings notice of the agenda shall be sent out with the notice of the Meeting.

5 The quorum for a General Meeting shall be ten members present in person or by proxy, of whom three must be members of the Committee. When any financial business is to be transacted there must be present the Treasurer, or a member of the Committee deputed by the Treasurer to represent his or her views to the Meeting (provided that where it is a case of a deputy, the only financial business transacted shall be that which was set out in the agenda accompanying the notice of the meeting).

6 Every matter, except where this Constitution provides otherwise, shall be determined by a majority of members present and voting. In the case of equal votes the President of the Club shall have the casting vote.

7 Minutes of all meetings shall be kept and formally adopted. Copies of the Minutes shall be made available to members and, upon request, to the Proctors.


Section 7: Finances

1. No member of the Committee shall receive payment - either direct or indirect - from the Club for his or her services in their capacity as a member of the Committee or officer of the Club.

2. Members who have incurred expenses in the authorised service of the Club are eligible for reimbursement.

3. Major items of expenditure must be authorised by the Committee. After the Committee has approved such an item, reasonable minor expenses as a result of this expenditure shall be deemed authorised without individual consideration by the Committee.

4. The Committee may change the signatories for any of the Club’s bank accounts, decided through a standard Committee motion.


Section 8: Responsibilities of the Committee

1. The President shall:

1.1 Oversee the appointment of leaders for Orchestra, Chorus, A Cappella and the EMS jazz nights, and, where appropriate, the fixing of a rehearsal schedule;
1.2 organise the day-to-day running of the Club;
1.3 call and chair Committee meetings;
1.4 publish an agenda to all members of the Committee in anticipation of each Committee; meeting, and to all members of the Club in anticipation of each General meeting;
1.5 ensure that a term-card detailing the Club’s activities for the coming term and listing the Officers is decided upon by Sunday of 0th week of that term;
1.6 book the venue for any concert by Sunday of 0th week for the following term;
1.7 ensure that all relevant personnel at The Queen’s College are made aware of any upcoming events;
1.7.1 This may include, where necessary, committee and Club members, the catering manager, the chaplain, the choir administrator, the conference office, the decanal office, domus committee, governing body, the organist, the porters lodge, the provost, and the provost’s secretary;
1.8 upon resignation, present a report on the state of the Club;
1.9 delegate tasks to the Vice-President or other members of the Club when necessary;
1.10 liaise with the rest of the committee to ensure that their responsibilities are being fulfilled, most significantly:
1.10.1 remain in close contact with both the Treasurer and Senior Member to ensure that the finances are in order;
1.11 co-ordinate the handover to the subsequent committee at the end of their term as President.

2. The Secretary shall:

2.1 assist the President in the overall running of the Club;
2.2 act as another point of contact between the Club and college;
2.3 liaise with the President concerning the division of event organisation for the year;
2.4 organise designated events, including room booking and liaison with college regarding these events;
2.5 contribute items to be discussed in General Meetings, arranged in liaison with the President;
2.6 maintain a register of the members of the Club, and the mailing list;
2.7 be responsible for communication between the Committee and the membership, and give notice of General meetings;
2.8 ensure that minutes are kept of all Committee and General meetings, and are distributed to all member of the Committee (in the case of Committee meetings) and of the Club (in the case of General meetings);
2.9 notify the Proctors promptly following the appointment or resignation or removal from office of Officers and other members of the Committee;
2.10 advise the Proctors promptly of any changes to this Constitution;
2.11 Notify the Proctors not later than the end of the second week of every Full Term of the programme of events which ash been arranged for that term, e.g. by providing them with a copy of the term card;
2.12 Inform the Proctors if the Club ceases to operate, or is to be dissolved, and in doing so present a final statement of accounts (the format of which the Proctors may prescribe), provided by the Treasurer.

3. The Treasurer shall:

3.1 shall keep a proper record of the Club’s financial transactions which shall be available for inspection at the request of any Principal Officer of the Prcotors;
3.2 produce a statement of the accounts on any required occasion, including the final Committee meeting of each term and the AGM;
3.3 forward to the Secretary by the end of the second week of each Full Term a copy of the accounts for the preceding term, signed by the Senior Member, for retention on the Proctors’ files;
3.4 maintain an inventory of the Club’s property, in consultation with the Senior Member and the Librarian, and forward a copy of this inventory at the start of Michaelmas Term each year to the University’s Insurance Officer;
3.5 pay in all monies taken at any of the Club’s events fortnightly in full term;
3.6 oversee the financial details of any event or production which incurs significant costs and is backed by the Club (e.g. a musical);
3.7 if the Club is disbanded, submit (via the Secretary) to the Senior Member and to the Proctors a full statement of the Club’s accounts.

4. The Senior Member shall:

4.1 In liaison with the Treasurer, consider the accounts of the Club at the end of each term, and sign them if he or she considers them to be in order;
4.2 offer advice and assistance to the other Officers of the Club in the performance of their responsibilities;
4.3 approve payments of monies owed by the Club;
4.4 be available to represent and speak for the Club in the public forum, and before the Courts of the University and the University authorities;
4.5 Keep abreast of the actions and activities of the Club;
4.6 Provide information relating to the Club to the Proctors on request;
4.7 Seek to settle any preliminary disputes between the Committee and the members.

5. The Recitals and Concerts Manager(s) shall:

5.1 liaise with the Provost's secretary to ensure the booking of the Shulman Auditorium prior to each term;
5.2 book recitalists for the Saturday recital series each term;
5.3 meet with the recitalist(s) before each recital and ensure that they have everything they require for both rehearsing and performing;
5.4 organise at least two concerts during their year in office;
5.5 liaise with the Directors of Orchestra, Chorus and A Cappella to receive programme information for upcoming concerts;
5.6 arrange for any other ensembles, groups, or individuals to perform at any concert where necessary;
5.7 organise the front-of-house personnel for recitals and concerts, and ensure that the venue is set up before the event and tidied after it;
5.8 ensure that all relevant personnel at The Queen’s College are made aware of any upcoming recitals and concerts;
5.8.1 This may include, where necessary, Committee and Club members, the catering manager, the Chaplain, the Choir Administrator, the Conferences Office, the Decanal Office, Domus Committee, Governing Body, the Organist, the Porters’ Lodge, the Provost, and the Provost’s secretary;
5.9 book the venue of any concert which is to take place outside The Queen’s College,
5.10 ensure that the leaders of EMS jazz nights organise at least one jazz night (in addition to 5th Week Blues) in the Queen’s Beer Cellar per term and advertise it accordingly.

6. The Publicity Officer Shall:

6.1 liaise with the Recitals and Concerts Manager with regards to the details of Club events, including programme information, date, time, location, and any other relevant information;
6.2 design, print, and distribute publicity materials for all Club events, including recitals and concerts;
6.3 design and arrange printing of tickets where necessary;
6.4 consistently update and promote the Club and any events through the Club’s Facebook page by;
6.4.1 creating Facebook events for all of the Club’s events;
6.4.2 publicise events and information on the Queen’s College JCR Facebook Page;
6.4.3 liaising with the webmaster;
6.5 arrange for the updating of the Club Instagram page (@eglesfieldmusicClub) periodically (shared with the Webmaster);
6.6 arrange for the updating of the Club Twitter page (@EglesfieldMusic) periodically (shared with the Webmaster).

7. The Librarian shall:

7.1 by the end of 6th week of any term, liaise with the Directors of Chorus, Orchestra, A Cappella, and Jazz Band to ascertain the parts and editions required for the subsequent term;
7.2 organise the hire and return of music required by the Club;
7.3 maintain the Club’s library of music, and update the inventory of the collection.

8. The Webmaster shall:

8.1 maintain the EMS website – www.eglesfieldmusic.co.uk – by frequently updating the content in liaison with the Publicity Officer;
8.2 liaise with the College IT department concerning information on the college website;
8.3 liaise with the Principal Officers of the Club regarding the content of the website, Instagram, and Facebook pages;
8.4 publicise all events at least once beforehand on all the various online platforms (shared with the Publicity Officer);
8.5 arrange for the updating of the Club Instagram page (@EglesfieldMusic) periodically (shared with the Publicity Officer).

9. The MCR Representative shall:

9.1 work to promote the Club within the graduate community of the University and The Queen’s College.

10. The First Year Undergraduate (‘Freshers’) Representative shall:

10.1 work to promote the Club within the first year undergraduate community of the University and the Queen’s College


Section 9: Elections

1. At least seven full days before an election, the Secretary shall give notification of the election via the Club mailing list, calling for nominations for the posts to be contested. The closing date for such nominations shall be 24 hours before the poll opens.

1.1 If after the closing date for nominations there is no candidate for the office, the period allowed for nominations for that office shall be extended by a single 48-hour period;
1.2 If there are still no candidates for the office after this second period then the current Committee shall have the power to co-opt a member to the new Committee.

2. If there is only one candidate, they shall stand for election against an option Re-Open Nominations (hereinafter called RON).

3. Notification of nominations and the place of polling is to be sent out in a Club email, once all nominations have been received, and the nomination period has ended.

4. Elections shall be conducted using an Alternative Vote system, which shall be carried out using online election software, chosen at the discretion of the Secretary.

5. The election procedure shall be anonymous.

6. All members of the Club may vote on the election of new committee members.

7. Nominations should be sent by email to the secretary by the closing time for nominations.

8. For the posts of Principal Officers there are to be no joint nominations.

9. Following the count, the results of the election are to be emailed to all members of the Club by the Secretary.

10. In every election to a post on the Committee there shall be an option to Re-Open Nominations (RON). For the purposes of the count, votes to RON shall be treated as if they were votes for a candidate, and in the event of a victory to RON, nominations shall be reopened and the election to the relevant post shall be postponed until no later than two weeks after the original election was due to take place. This election shall be conducted under the procedures as defined by this Constitution, except that there shall be no option to Re-Open Nominations. If there is only one candidate, they shall be elected.

11. Following any election there will be a handover, during which each committee member must meet individually with their successor to discuss the details of their role.


Section 10: The Constitution

1. Any proposal to alter this Constitution shall be made in writing, via email or in person at a General Meeting to the President by at least two members of the Club. It shall be voted on by the members at any General Meeting.

2. One copy of this Constitution shall be held by each of the Principal Officers. In addition, a copy shall be deposited with the Proctors. Any member of the Club shall be entitled to view it on request to either the President or the Secretary.

3. This Constitution shall be binding on all members of the Club. No regulation, bye-law or policy of the Club shall be inconsistent with, or shall affect or repeal anything contained in this Constitution.

4. This Constitution shall supersede all previous constitutions.


Upcoming Events

Our recital series has ended for the term. Please refer to our Recitals page for later updates.


President: Joseph Johnson

Secretary: Emma Reynolds

Recitals Manager: Helen Hardy

Concerts Manager: Elizabeth Nurse