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EMS Chorus

EMS Chorus is designed to be a relaxed, informal alternative to the intensity of many of Oxford's more famous choirs. Like all EMS groups, it is entirely student-run and sings a wide range of music, from classical masterpieces to popular hits. Our repertoire should appeal to the more experienced musicians in college, but won't be beyond the abilities of complete beginners, so, whether you're the Royal Opera's biggest star or you've only ever sung to your shampoo bottle, EMS Chorus is for you.

Director: Tricia Drummond

Email: patricia.drummond@queens.ox.ac.uk

Rehearsals: Thursdays at 8pm in the Chapel


Upcoming Events

Our recital series has ended for the term. Please refer to our Recitals page for later updates.


President: Joseph Johnson

Secretary: Emma Reynolds

Recitals Manager: Helen Hardy

Concerts Manager: Elizabeth Nurse